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Brand New Theme Park In Saudi Arabia

From a recent survey it has been determined that theme parks in Saudi Arabia are the number one activity that Saudis would like to see, ranking above cinemas, water parks and other entertainment options.

In 2016 project Qiddiya was revealed. This project is a combination of five primary projects. Included in these projects are resorts, parks and a city centre. Phase one, which is set to open in 2023 will feature the hotly anticipated “Six Flags Qiddiya” which will be a huge theme park in Saudi Arabia. Something that has never before been seen in the Kingdom.

Six Flags Qiddiya Theme Park In Saudi Arabia

40km away from the city of Riyadh and set in the Tuwaiq mountain range, Six Flags Qiddiya will be the largest and most heavily themed Six Flags yet. The 334 square kilometre site will comprise a 231 square kilometre natural area as well as a 103 square kilometre developed area.

Bigger than Walt Disney World, the area will be split onto five separate zones with Six Flags Qiddiya found in the Resort Core. The remaining zones are: City Centre, Motion Zone, Eco Zone and Golf Community.

Not only will phase one include Six Flags Qiddiya, furthermore, but it will also include a water-themed park filled with rides, shows, attractions, sporting elements and a fully integrated resort hotel.

Six Flags Qiddiya is set to feature 28 rides in total, including 12 record-breaking rides! These record-breakers include the world’s tallest, longest and fastest roller coaster. In addition, it will feature the world’s tallest triple launch coaster, a tilting coaster, a wood-steel hybrid coaster, a record-breaking drop tower, multiple water rides, interactive dark rides and immersive experiences.

The park will be built to accommodate 10-15,000 visitors per day. Throughout summer months the park will be open late to allow guests to avoid the heat. Furthermore, there will be cooling technology and features around the park to keep guest cool. These include Shading, landscaping and water misters.

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Saudi Arabia’s Tourism Initiative

KSA is continuing to open up their country and relax strict rules in line with vision 2030. Visions 2030 was first announced by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and his intention is to reduce Saudi Arabia’s dependency on the oil industry. Creating more diverse and varied revenue streams for the country.

The Qiddiya project is one of the key focal points to Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, with the aim to increase tourism revenue to 10% of GDP. . According to QIC, the destination will “unlock tremendous opportunity, enabling economic diversification, while enhancing the quality of life for Saudi citizens.”

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