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The Future Of Saudi Arabian Events

The Future Of Saudi Arabian Events

There’s no getting away from the fact that Saudi Arabia has a bright future ahead of them when it comes to the entertainment and events industry! As a Global Event Management Company, we have worked extensively in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. And have witnessed first hand the exciting projects and ideas coming out of Saudi Arabia.

One of the initiatives that Saudi Arabia is launching to boost awareness of their tourism and leisure industry is the Saudi Seasons. Therefore, in 2019 the Kingdom launched events across the year to celebrate culture, the arts, entertainment and events within KSA. The Seasons proved a great success, and there were intentions to celebrate these each year. Due to Covid-19 some of the Saudi Arabia Seasons 2020 have been put on hold.

However, we’re taking a look back at the hugely successful Horror Festival. Which our Event Management Company was proud to organise and run right from conception through to completion.

Riyadh Season will bring the world to Saudi Arabia

Event managers in Horror Festival venue space Saudi Arabia. Event managers available to hire internationally

The Horror Festival, Riyadh

The Horror Festival was part of the Riyadh season. This Season’s aim was to showcase Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the Horror Festival was one of multiple different kinds of conventions to demonstrate KSA’s capabilities to host large scale, stand out events.

The idea around Horror Festival was to create a fully immersive, interactive and show-stopping event. Guests could visit the event and see the latest in horror and scare-fest entertainment. With scare mazes, huge pyrotechnic shows, walkabout horror-themed entertainment and all kinds of horror-themed activities to partake in.

Therefore, our role in the Horror Festival was to design, create, install and run various elements of Horror-fest. Additionally, we supplied internationally renowned entertainment for the guests to enjoy.

Check out our interview with Michael our creative director where we chat all about Horror Festival 2019!

Event Management in Saudi Arabia

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia offers really exciting opportunities for event manager. Every single one of our clients in Saudi Arabis wants their event to be bigger and better than the last. Additionally, there is a really strong focus on showcasing new technology and never seen before entertainment. For a global event management company, this is really exciting!

Working on events in Saudi Arabia as an event manager is brilliant. We create an infusion of culture and the arts. Creating entertainment and events that not only showcases KSA as a country but also demonstrate Saudi’s growing reach in the western world.

Vision 2030 is a scheme that Saudi Arabia have devised to start growing the tourism and leisure industry in KSA. Their goal is to become a central hotspot for tourism, attracting visitors from across the globe to experience what Saudi Arabia can offer. By creating and showcasing new and exciting events, Saudi Arabia is establishing itself as a global contender in hosting the very best events in the world.

Large-scale props we provided for Horror Festival in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The Future of Events in Saudi Arabia

Although the global pandemic has put a brief pause on the events industry in KSA (much like the rest of the world). We expect to see the events industry go from strength to strength. One of Saudi Arabia’s main goals is for tourism and leisure to be one of the countries main revenue streams by 2030. This means that we can expect to see lots of new exciting and big developments in the Kingdom.

With the advancing openness of the country, and some of the stricter rules, such as dress code and women attending events being relaxed. We expect Saudi Arabia to become a big contender in hosting the very best events the world has to offer. Furthermore, we anticipate that KSA will become a tourist hotspot and a destination that will become increasingly popular with the western world.