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As an International Brand Activation Agency and Event Management Company, we have created exciting, innovative brand activations and product launches across the world like no other. Using our years of industry experience, our brand activation agency design International Product Launch events and Global Brand Activation events that successfully showcase our client’s product to the right kind of audience.

Therefore ensuring to create maximum impact and generate excitement and anticipation around your global product or brand launch.

Product Launches With Global Reach

Working with companies such as Red mix, MINI and Diesel to name but a few. Our brand activation agency helps companies break the industry in their new service or product with our Global Product Launch and Brand Activation Services. Additionally, we have a large network of people within the events industry to ensure that we can create an event that showcases your brand is specifically tailored to your image.

We have introduced products from the UAE into the UK by hosting outstanding and engaging global product launch events.

What We Do

Our brand activation agency creates engaging and informative global brand activation events. Helping our clients introduce their new product or brand, maximising impressions and impressing our client’s industry-specific target markets.

Whether you want to host a private brand activation or product launch event, with canapes, bespoke drinks, and a presentation. Or perhaps you want to host a fun workshop or weekend away for influencers to get your new product first. We take care of every detail, creating a unique and successful global product launch or brand activation!

Why Use Us

Firstly, we have created some of the very best International Product Launch Events across the globe for high calibre, international brands. Furthermore, achieving great success for the product and brands once it enters the marketplace.

Therefore, this means that not only are we incredibly qualified to create a stand-out brand activation for your company. But additionally, we have built up a wide network of industry experts to ensure that your International Product Launch or Global Brand Activation is put in front of the right people and therefore enters the market successfully.

How We Do It

Initially, when creating any product launch, we meet with our clients to discuss intent and expectation. It is important that as a global brand activation company, we target all of our services towards a thought-out brief.

Therefore, this means that we can strategise budget and marketing for the Brand Activation or Product Launch to ensure we reach the right people and create the right impression. We always work with our client’s product and brand in mind and believe strongly in maximising every pound, euro or dollar spent.


This therefore ensures that our client is getting excellent value for money and we focus on the most important areas of our client’s launch.

The design of your global product launch or brand activation event is integral to how people perceive your brand and, in turn, your product. Our global brand activation team works hard to create unique and well thought out designs to ensure continuity between product and brand.

We provide all kinds of design services. This includes bespoke and custom signage and branding which we can turn into anything, from neon signs to branded PR products. Venue finding, dressing and styling to create an event space that really reflects your global brand activation event.


Additionally, with the rising popularity of virtual and hybrid events, our brand activation agency is able to design online content and platforms to host your International Product Launch event on, maximising exposure and minimising risk.


We work closely with our clients to ensure that every design element we create is unique to them and reflective of their brand and values.

By implementing well thought out strategy and design of your brand activation event we ensure that we successfully execute your global product launch or brand activation, ultimately achieving great success and awareness or your product and brand.

By carefully planning every detail, ensuring that your Product Launch Event has the perfect catering, entertainment and setting. And by supplying a team of technicians to assist with the setup and running of any AV equipment. We are able to create a highly professional, slick and impactful Brand Activation Event.


We are proud to offer the very best in the business, from catering staff to AV professionals. Not to mention the fact that our highly skilled and experienced event managers will oversee your entire event from conception to completion, ensuring everything runs smoothly!

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International Product Launch Services

We provide all kinds of International Product Launch Event services for your product release or celebratory Brand Activation Event.

These Services Include:

Virtual and Hybrid Product Launch Services

With the ever-changing landscape in the events sector, we provide multiple contact-free event services across the globe. Providing comprehensive and extensive International Hybrid and Virtual events services to ensure your event will take place regardless.

We previously worked with Monarch Airline to Live stream a catwalk show to all employees across the UK. Additionally, we made it possible for the employees to use live interaction technology by voting for their favourite uniforms.

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Our Latest Brand Activation News

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