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Global Event Production Company

As an International Event Production Company, we organise, manage and run large-scale Global Event Productions. Working internationally with corporate giants such as Netflix and Red Mix to name but a few, we provide exceptional event production services.

As an event production company, we work on large-scale, full-service event productions. Therefore, providing every element you need to create your event. Additionally, we also organise all logistical and transportation management ensuring a smooth and well-managed event production.

International Event Production Agency Services

As an International event production agency, we are able to supply all the elements needed to create your dream luxury event.

Working with both large-scale corporate and small luxury clients we can design, install and build all kinds of event productions. We offer both structural and technical global production services as well as lots of different superficial dressing services such as prop hire, draping, structural build and more.

We are skilled at working in all kinds of locations across the globe and are able to offer our full-service event management to run these projects to reduce any stress on our client’s behalf.

Take a look below at just a few of the global production services we offer:

What We Do

Our Global event production company can take care of the whole production of your event. From conception to completion we work with our clients to create an event which is truly reflective of their vision. We create both large and small scale bespoke events.

Our production agency works on a bespoke, custom basis. Meaning that we can supply singular services such as AV hire, or provide a customised package which could include streaming, design and build, catering and more as part of our global event production services.

Why Use Us

Julia Charles Global Events Agency is in a unique position to be able to offer all event production services under one company. Meaning that by booking with us you avoid having to chase and coordinate multiple suppliers and vendors.

Additionally, due to our global presents, and our international hubs, we are able to offer full event production services globally. Therefore, meaning we are able to deal with all of the logistics, management and production ensuring we deliver an outstanding event wherever in the world your event takes place!

How We Do It

We work closely with our clients to establish what they need and want from their event. We then propose all of the services we’d suggest to help create their event. We see ourselves as a really collaborative global events agency, therefore we take time to listen to what our clients want.

One of the perks of hiring a global event production agency is the fact that we coordinate and organise everything, meaning we can meticulously plan every detail to ensure a smooth and successful event.


Furthermore, we only ever provide services that will add value to our client’s events. We pride ourselves on creating exceptional events with our clients in mind.

When working on global event production, the design is a really important element. In the planning stage, we come up with lots of ideas and concepts for our clients to review. We can provide CAD drawings and 3D digital tours to ensure our visions align with our clients.

With an extensive portfolio of services and global events industry connections, our event production agency is able to design and produce all kinds of international events.


Our design team is always working hard to produce creative, functional and engaging events.

By hiring a global events agency to produce your event, you are guaranteeing a slick and well put together event production.

We provide a highly skilled team to ensure that whatever the event production service you hire is, it is set up and installed professionally and efficiently.


Creating an event that looks amazing and functions perfectly is always our top priority, therefore we ensure all finishes and execution is excellent.

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Unbeatable International Event Production Agency

By combining the most sought after and professional event specialists, our event production agency has created an elite, unbeatable team of highly creative and skilled professionals. Ensuring that every detail of your Bespoke Global event is planned meticulously. Therefore, creating a highly successful and completely unforgettable event.

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Global Brands

Because we specialise in Global, full-service Event Production we have worked with many big brands and companies. These include:

All of these events have been full-scale event productions that we have run from conception to completion. Not to forget the large scale event productions such as The Halloween Festival in Riyadh that we provided full event production for.

Furthermore, we can provide Entertainment, Event Theming, Event Management and Brand Activation Services.

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With over 20 years experience working on huge international events creating unforgettable event experiences.