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International Conference Organisers

We have been running, managing and producing international conferences for over 20 years.

Working across the globe, bringing international delegates and corporation together to deliver exceptional, informative and inspiring conferences.

As international meeting planners and conference organiser specialists, we have all the tools available to us to successfully produce and manage your conference. Whether you are an SME or a global corporation, we guarantee to deliver an event with your company values and outlooks at the core. Creating an environment for learning and development as well as a great space for networking.

Conference Management Services

As a full-service global events agency, our international meeting planners and conference organisers are able to offer every service needed to create and manage a successful conferencing event. We have a huge catalogue of suppliers and contacts, ensuring that we can create any kind of conferencing event in any location across the world.

Here are just a few of the conference production services we provide:

What We Do

As international meeting planners and conference organisers, we produce, manage and run small and large scale conferences across the globe.

We work with our clients to create conferences that successfully deliver company insights and key sector information to the attending delegates in an informative and inspiring way.

We understand our clients want to see tangible outcomes and results from our conferencing events. Therefore, our conference organisers work hard to understand the intent and desired outcomes that our clients want to achieve through hosting their international conference. We then work collaboratively to achieve this

Not only do we offer support prior to the conference production and on the day of the conference event. We also offer post-conference event analysis. This helps us assess cost vs. reward as well as attendee engagement which we pass onto our client so they can see the benefits of booking our services.

Furthermore, in this increasingly digital working climate, we offer a wide variety of virtual conferencing services including live streaming, studio recording and more.

Why Use Us

By hiring professional and skilled conference organisers and international meeting planners you are sure to get a well-planned, well-managed and successful conference production event.

We value our clients and always want to ensure that their conferencing events achieve all of their desired outcomes and results. This is critical if you want to ensure that your conference delivers the right results for your company or corporation.

Our conference organisers and international meeting planners work with our clients through every stage of their conference production planning journey. Allowing them to be as hands-on or hands-off as they desire. Having worked across the globe creating all kinds of conferencing events, our conference organisers are in the best position to deliver a highly successful and valuable conferencing event.

Furthermore, by booking our conference organiser and international meeting planners services, you are ensuring you only ever have to correspond with one person. We take care of everything, sourcing valuable and experienced suppliers to ensure that you receive the highest quality services, achieving excellent results.

How We Do It

We have an extensive range of performers and entertainers on our sister website for our client’s to view. Additionally, due to having over 20 years of international entertainment and events experience, we have an extensive supplier and contact list. Therefore, ensuring that we can source whatever our client’s need.

All of our conference organisers services are tailored to our clients. Therefore, you can pick and choose whether you’d like to hire us for a full-scale conference production, or an individual conference service.

We work with each of our clients to understand the desired outcomes of their conference production. After this conversation, our conference organisers and international meeting planners will be able to best advise clients on what conferencing services they will need to achieve their desired end results.

It is important for our clients to see the reward of their budget, therefore we maximise on important services so that our clients receive the best value for money.

We are able to tailor the entertainment to your event. Therefore, if you have a specific theme, or you want your performers in specific outfits we can organise this.

Because all our conferencing services are offered on a bespoke and customisable basis, we are able to build a custom-designed event, tailored specifically to the individual clients need.

From stage design and rigging to bespoke marketing tools and signage and more. We are able to provide all kinds of material and sets that are unique to your conference production.

By booking through our global entertainment agency you are ensuring that all your entertainment runs smoothly and is executed perfectly.

Our conference organiser’s goal on every single conferencing event is to not only achieve a well run and impressive event. But also to ensure that each event adds value to the company and successfully delivers all corporate objectives.

From the very start of the process in the conception stages, right through to the post-conference analysis, our conference organisers and international meeting planners will be there to guide, advise and manage all elements and details of your conferencing event.

Conference Organisers Gallery

Conference Management Gallery

Virtual And Hybrid Conference Production Events

With the increasing demand for alternative conferencing solutions, virtual and hybrid conferences are a popular, effective and economical alternative.

Our conference organisers and international meeting planners can advise you on exactly what virtual and hybrid services we can use to create your conference. From pre-recording content to using green screen technology, live streaming and web-casting, creating virtual reality conference spaces and more.

We work hard to keep up to date with the latest technology, providing the very best in digital and virtual conference production technology to our clients.

The benefits of booking virtual and hybrid conferencing services for your next international conference event are huge. Not only will you save money on travel expenses, but you will also be able to reach far more attendees in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, language doesn’t have to be a barrier as we can provide excellent multi-lingual services.

Engaging Family Shows

As a Global Entertainment Agency, we specialise in creating events and providing entertainment that the whole family will enjoy. Our Family shows consist of multiple entertainment elements that work on multiple levels to ensure all guests, regardless of age, are entertained.

Our walk-about entertainers are guaranteed to bring your event to life. Providing completely immersive experiences, our global walk-about entertainment acts will set the tone for your event, guaranteeing to get your guests involved. Not to mention, they’ll ensure your guests leave your event with brilliant, memorable experiences.

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