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Night time view of Saudi Arabian city

Neom – City Of The Future In Saudi Arabia.

Neom – City Of The Future In Saudi Arabia.

With flying cars, animatronic Jurassic dinosaurs and a giant artificial moon, Neom, sits as the centrepiece to the crown prince’s vision for the future of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman aims to take a barren part of his kingdom and turn it into the city of the future. With a reported cost of $500 billion, Neom is set to be a hub of entrepreneurship and innovation charting the course for this New Future.

Located in the Red Sea in the north-west region of Saudi Arabia, Neom will be 33 times the size of New York City covering 26,500 km2 and will be built from scratch. Neom loosely connects the contents of Africa, Asia and Europe with 40% of the country being no more than a 4-hour flight away. In 2018 the crown prince of Saudi Arabia announced that Neom should be completed from 2025.

Neom’s name origination

The name Neom literally means “new future”. The first 3 letters come from the Ancient Greek prefix nέο-Neo meaning ‘new’. And the fourth letter is from the Arabic word: مستقبل: ‎, (Mustaqbal), the Arabic word for “future.”

Why has Neom been created?

The intention of the city is to diversify the economy away from oil and increase more diverse revenue streams. Neom’s whole premise is to be the new future, a place not tied down by any existing culture or jurisdiction. It is to be multi-cultural, metropolises of Saudis and expatriates.

Operating as an independent economic zone, with its own laws, taxes and regulations. It aims to attract the very best leaders and thinkers in certain fields to great a futuristic mega-city that will lead the way in the technological advancement of the world.

Every aspect will be innovative and futuristic, with technological advancement being at the cornerstone of its development. Furthermore, in Neom’s press release they said that Neom will be so advanced that it may be possible that robots outnumber humans in the future. With the robots taking on repetitive, mundane tasks.

Focus Investment sectors

The below sectors are the ones in which Neom wants to be leading bodies in developing and innovating the latest technology to be at the forefront of the sector’s development. These are:

1. Energy and water
2. Mobility
3. Biotech
4. Food
5. Technological and digital sciences
6. Advanced manufacturing
7. Media
8. Entertainment
9. Liveability

Neom’s vision

Neom will comprise of towns, cities, ports and enterprise zones. With leading research centres, world-class sports and entertainment venues. Additionally, Neom aims to become a leading tourist destination. The intention is that Neom will become the home and workplace for more than a million citizens from across the globe.

“NEOM: A bold vision. A living laboratory and hub for innovation. A sustainable ecosystem for living and working. A model for the New Future.”

In their press release, they have said that Neom will create the most conducive environment for innovation. This ideal sits at the core of the creation of Neom, with every aspect being planned around how they will achieve this.

Some of the exciting ideas for the future of Neom include self-driving cars, hyperloop systems, man-made rain and glow-in-the-dark sand. It will also have utopian features such as free high-speed internet which they’ll call ‘digital air’ and free world-class, continuous online education. Furthermore, Neom will encourage walking and cycling and the city will be solely powered by renewable energy.

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