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5 Winter Wonderland Entertainment Options

Winter Wonderland is one of the most popular event themes, especially around Christmas time. Everyone wants to hire the best entertainment and we have some truly stunning options available for you to book.

1. Frosted Winter Wonderland Entertainment Theme

Frosted is a truly magical act, made up of 3 shimmering walkabout characters. Our Winter Wonderland entertainment trio is bedecked in specially designed costumes that sparkle in any light, which means they will transform your event into a Winter Wonderland spectacular.

Frosted is comprised of 2 frozen humans and 1 snow lion who wears a stunning mask that is decorated in glistening crystals. This wondrous act will make your event one to remember!

Frosted stilt walker entertainment available to hire internationally

2. Ice King & Queen Stilt Walkers mystical duo

Our Ice King & Queen Stilt Walkers will bring a frozen elegance to your event. This beautifully costumed Winter Wonderland entertainment duo will leave guests and audience members in awe as they parade around your event.

This regal duo has dazzling outfits that are encrusted in thousands of diamonds and specially fitted LED lights that make our stilt walkers look truly ethereal and magical at night. This sparkling pair will leave your guests mesmerised.

Ice king and queen stilt walkers available to hire for winter wonderland themed entertainment internationally

3. The Snow Lion magical Walkabout Act

Our Snow Lion Walkabout Act is a brand new act and is a beautiful animatronic creature that has travelled from the frozen wastelands to come and meet the people at your event.

This stunning creature is incredibly friendly and can be accompanied by his trusted Winter Queen whom he protects. This gentle beast is sure to be loved by all those who meet him.

Snow lion and ice queen walk about entertainment available to hire internationally

4. Illuminated Stilt Walkers Winter Wonderland Entertainment Option

The Illuminated Stilt Walkers are a dazzling collective who will literally illuminate your Winter Wonderland-themed event. Hailing from France our luminous stilt walkers will enchant your guests by adding a touch of elegance and charm to your event.

These shining Winter Wonderland entertainment option will create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests.

Entertainment agency Illuminated Christmas stilt walker entertainment available to hire internationally

5. Interactive Polar Bear Show for children

The Interactive Polar Bear Show is a wonderfully Winter Wonderland entertaining show that combines education, storytelling and an amazing animatronic creature. This gentle giant has will easily make friends with the children and also the adults.

His friendly nature will charm and fascinate everyone he meets. Accompanied by his handler, our Polar Bear will create a wonderfully magical time for all.

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