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Alternative Halloween decorations for Halloween party

Alternative Halloween Party Ideas

Alternative Halloween Party Ideas

Halloween for many reasons is one of the most popular party times of the year for both corporate and private clients of ours. It is not hard to see why with its plethora of potential themes and ideas which stand out.

Over the years we have created everything from haunted mansion themed parties, Freak Show Circus events and day of the dead which is one of my personal favourites. Ultimately you want to keep things different and almost immerse your guests in the experience of the event.

Have you considered a Halloween Maze or Scare Attraction? These are not just for shopping centres, Garden centres or Theme parks you know.

Nevertheless, let’s get into some alternative Halloween Party Ideas!

Alternative Halloween Party Idea #1: Twisted Circus Theme

Twisted Circus is a fantastic way of merging two awesome party themes together. 1) You have the ‘twisted’ element, which is all the dark, evil, spooky Halloween elements and then 2) you have ‘Circus’, element. Freak shows have always been a great way of bringing the entertainment factor of the circus such as the acrobatic, the aerial and the weird and wonderful alongside the dam right macabre. It is the taboo parts of life in which you want to see but don’t want to admit.

View Our Twisted Circus Event Theme.

Twisted Circus themed shows can excite guests as they enjoy dinner, if you are having a Twisted Circus themed Gala Dinner, or if you have more of a formal buffet-style event, then the use of freak show style walkabout acts add to the already freaky experience.

Decor wise there are plenty of styles to choose from. Using vintage props and almost dirty looking draping gives the effect of an authentic-looking circus in the middle of a field, which you can create in even the highest brow of venues. Taking the more common circus props such as large canons, circus-themed facades and animal cages and filling them with beheaded clowns, rabid dog props and even the odd contortionist performers really give the desired effect

Take a Look at This Twisted Circus Themed Halloween Party We Created!

Halloween twisted circus props hired for alternative halloween party theme

Alternative Halloween Party Idea #2: Day of The Dead Theme

Day of the Dead is a Mexican Holiday on the 2nd of November and is celebrated all over the country and is a tradition that dates back over 3000 years.

For use as a theme for your event, there is not a much better way of incorporating the thrill of carnival, brilliant colours and amazing design to your party. The costumes are colourful and based around a skeletal makeup. Large Skull Candy style props and multi-coloured floral designs all with an extremely dark background make up for what will be a fantastic Halloween event.

Day of the dead themed performers available to hire for alternative halloween party

Alternative Halloween Party Idea #3: Get Immersive!

If you are looking to bring some excitement to your Halloween Staff Party, then why not create your own immersive experience? We transformed the whole 1st floor of Cafe De Paris for The Telegraph’s Halloween party by creating a Halloween maze in the theme of a post-apocalyptic era.

See The Telegraph Halloween Party We Created

With the use of custom-wrote scripts and scare actors we took each guest on a journey through different scenes of their very own movie. Why not think bigger by creating your very own secret cinema experience this Halloween?

The party does not have to start when guests get to the venue, it can start as soon as they get their invites. Give each guest a task to do prior to entering the venue which if done correctly, will gain them entry. This, tied in with the scare actors will mean that they are now a part of the story.

If you would like to explore more ideas on how to create something different for your Staff Halloween party then get in touch with one of our events team. Get in Contact.

Immersive interactive activities at the Telegraphs alternative Halloween party

If you would like to explore more ideas on how to create something different for your Staff Halloween party then get in touch with one of our events team. Get in Contact.